TECH REVIEW: vivo V30 Pro Review – vivo’s Flagship Phone A Cut Above the Rest

By: Paul Cheng

The vivo V30 Pro is vivo’s flagship phone, one of two flagship mobile phones released this year. We were fortunate enough to try them both out.

At first glance the vivo V30 Pro has a compact size, 164.4 x 75.1 x 7.5 mm (6.47 x 2.96 x 0.30 in) and weighs 188 g (6.63 oz). We find the tightly packed body ergonomic as it fits in the palm of the hand and feels just right(refering to the weight and feel of it). The device we tested was the petal white color, which has bit of white with of a bit of blue cast to it. The back has a bit of a texture which helps if you have butterfingers.

The vivo V30 Pro has AMOLED screen, that utilizes HDR10+ and a refresh rate of 120Hz, you’ll be able to experience smooth and seemless display quality.

Performance wise we haven’t experienced any lags or freezes while using the phone. As we mostly use the vivo V30 Pro for social media, photo and video capture as well as video editing. The mobile device doesn’t heat up when running multiple apps and editing videos at the same time. The device has no SD card slot but has

The vivo V30 Pro camera has 3 optics, 15mm(ultrawide), 23mm(wide/normal), and 50mm(telephoto). All camera modes uses 50MP. I was surprised with how the camera performed, since it has very little shutter drag. I find the camera to be very quick and responsive. It will only have a delay when performing AI assist images, for example: Super Moon Mode, and 4X zoom.

In my opinion, vivo and ZEISS made a very intuitive camera as it can easily adapt to lighting conditions. The colors and the camera’s dynamic range output are very close to what I see with my eyes.

Check out the photo gallery of sample images and videos.

The AURA Light is a nice light source for lighting situations that will give the camera a hard time. vivo made the light bigger than the usual torch or flahs light. The AURA Light color can also be changed so that you can have other creative options when capturing the moment.

Shooting video with the v30 Pro is a breeze as it’s OIS + EIS Dual stabilization makes shakey video a thing of the past. I’m very much inclined to use 60 fps all the time since the camera’s stabilization works seemlessly.

With the 2 weeks that we had the vivo V30 Pro, I wish I never have to give it back to vivo but alas it is a review unit after all. I’ve grown very attached to the V30 Pro since it has been my go to camera since it is quick and reliable. The colors and dynamic range are very close to what the naked eye could see. If I had the budget for a replacement phone, the vivo V30 Pro will be a top contender, for sure..