It’s Time to Settle This: Who is the Greatest On-Screen Dad Ever?

It’s a rainy Father’s Day this year! Staying warm at home and cozying up with Dad and the fam sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Why not upgrade the experience by binge-watching these Disney+ movies and shows featuring some of the best on-screen dads? 

Cast your votes on who you think is the best, funniest, or coolest on-screen dad there is. Better yet, ask Dad what he thinks! Let’s take a look at our dad-candidates: 

  1. Homer Simpson from The Simpsons
  2. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family
  3. Bryan Mills from Taken
  4. Lord Yoshii Toranaga from Shōgun
  5. George Banks from Father of the Bride
  6. Joe Kingman from The Game Plan
  7. Jack Pearson from This is Us
  8. Marvin Eriksen Sr. from How I Met Your Mother