The Verdict Is In: These Legal Dramas on Lionsgate Play Are Must-Watches

What is it about legal dramas that captivate our attention? Is it the complex characters, the suspenseful courtroom scenes, or the high stakes that keep us on the edge of our seats? Lionsgate Play boasts a curated selection of riveting legal dramas that’ll make you root for justice, keep you at the edge of your seat, and sometimes, even question your moral compass. From courtroom battles to behind-the-scenes drama, here’s a must-watch list of the best legal dramas on Lionsgate Play.

Dark Waters

A gripping legal thriller that follows the real-life story of environmental attorney Robert Bilott (Mark Ruffalo), Dark Waters delves into the complexities of fighting a powerful corporation accused of contaminating a town’s water supply. As Bilott uncovers a long history of pollution, the stakes rise, revealing the immense personal and professional sacrifices required to pursue justice.

The Sparring Partner

Based on actual events in Hong Kong, The Sparring Partner delves into the twisted psyche of Henry  (Yeung Wai Lun)and his accomplice Angus (Mak Pui Tung), who stand accused of murdering Henry’s parents. The courtroom drama unfolds through a series of interviews, revealing Henry’s chilling demeanor and possible motives rooted in jealousy, greed, and sociopathy. Despite the seemingly clear-cut case against Henry, Angus’ role remains ambiguous, clouded by coerced confessions and questionable evidence. As the trial progresses, the jurors grapple with their preconceived notions, further complicated by a disturbing re-enactment of the crime. The film critiques the jury’s partiality and the sensationalism surrounding the case, offering a compelling yet grim reflection on justice and human nature.

Woman in Gold

In Woman in Gold, Helen Mirren stars as Maria Altmann, an elderly Jewish woman who, six decades after fleeing Nazi-occupied Vienna, seeks to reclaim her family’s possessions seized during the war. Central to her quest is the renowned painting “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I” by Gustav Klimt, a portrait of her beloved aunt. Teaming up with a determined young lawyer, Randy Schoeberg (Ryan Reynolds), Maria embarks on an arduous legal fight against the Austrian government, which regards these artworks as national treasures.

On the Basis of Sex

On the Basis of Sex chronicles the inspiring journey of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the most influential figures in American legal history. Portrayed brilliantly by Felicity Jones, this biographical drama focuses on Ginsburg’s early career and her fight against gender discrimination. The film highlights her landmark case that set the stage for her future role as a Supreme Court Justice, making it a must-watch for those passionate about legal history and social justice.

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