Review: Samsung 55” Crystal UHD TV

We were beyond thrilled when we were given the opportunity to try out the Samsung 55” Crystal UHD TV, it was around November when the logistics team from Samsung dropped the TV off and given the size it, we decided to have it set up in my in-laws place, since we did not have any space in our room. For context, we live in a compound with Paul’s family, so there are a number of families quarantining in said compound and I guess that was actually a good thing since my nephews, nieces and in-laws were also able to enjoy the Samsung 55” Crystal UHD TV.

Coming from someone who’s owned a LED TV for a long time, suddenly watching from a Ultra High Definition TV is a huge upgrade! It’s like watching from those TVs that are on display in the electronics store!

I’ve always believed in this idea that when you experience content (like a movie or series) through a different medium, let’s say you watch it from your mobile phone, a big TV or in cinemas, each of these mediums offer a different kind of experience.

Of course, for movies and series, they are meant to be seen in the biggest screen possible, projected onto a big screen in a dark room, with popcorn in hand, that’s the cinema experience, and damn it-the best one! But since going back to the cinemas is not the norm yet, owning a big ass Ultra High Definition TV is the next best thing!

Also, its worth noting that the trend now is for movies to be released via streaming services and having a big ass TV with kick ass features is looking to be a wise investment and with the Samsung 55” inch Crystal UHD TV it’s more than just watching movies or binging series. You can also use it for a number of different activities and it really comes in handy since we are all staying at home in quarantine.

Even our nephews and nieces got to enjoy the TV by having their own movie nights and binging series together. They also hooked up their consoles (PS4, Nintedo Switch) to play video games. My sister-in-law, who is a teacher also got to use the TV during her online classes. We also got a bit creative and used the TV for some of our games during Christmas.

A fun raffle, complete with a spinning wheel on the TV for everyone to see, and a guess that Christmas tune game, where we played a YouTube video of Christmas songs to guess on the TV. And before I forget-here are some of our favorite features from the Samsung 55” Crystal UHD TV.

Key Highlights/ Specs:

A. Tap View – Connect your phone with just a tap to your TV. Casting your screen is now made

B. Ambient Mode – Have the ability to blend your screen to your home interior. Generate a
virtual wall as a background with the capability to display photos, display your wallpaper so it
blends in or display important information like the weather/time.

C. Bixby Voice Assistant – Control your TV with Samsung’s Bixby Voice Assistant: an intelligent
assistant to help you manage your TV & Home using the mic function of your One Remote.

3 Side Bezel Less Design – With Samsung’s boundless & slim depth design, you will have animmersive viewing experience with no distractions. The Clean cable solution will remove the
clutter of cables in your living room.

  • For the TV look, we can request to highlight on the premium look of the TV compared to the
    other TVs in the same price range. Usually with the current TV design of Crystal UHD, people
    expect a TV that looks this good to be more expensive.