Movie Review: Action, Suspense and a New Igor Bring a New Twist in “Victor Frankenstein”

“You all know the story.
A clap of lightning.
A mad genius.
An unholy creation.”
Yes, we all know the story but do we know of the monster or of the man?
Both entertaining and exciting ‘Victor Frankenstein’ adds action and suspense to the original Gothic Romance novel by Mary Shelly. With powerful and impressive performances from James McAvoy as the eponymous Victor Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe as a re-imagined Igor.
The film opens with an exciting circus escape but without first establishing the brilliance of a hunchback clown in the field of science. The fast-paced turn of events carries throughout the movie, not even slowing down through a blossoming romance.
There were many interesting camera work and angles which were used, it has to be noted that Director Paul McGuigan also directed episodes of BBC’s “Sherlock” and you see hints of this throughout the film, as well as the relationship between Frankenstein and Igor which seem to mirror that of Sherlock’s and Watson.
Being a passer of the Nurisng Board Exams, I really enjoyed the vintage Anatomy sketches (Anatomy & Physiology was one of my favorite subjects) that were featured in the movie.
It’s nice to see McAvoy & Radcliffe step away from their well known roles of Professor X and Harry Potter and embrace their new roles as Frankenstein and Igor.
James McAvoy is a convincing mad genius, complete with the poor social skills and quick-fire ideas. Daniel Radcliffe secretly steals the spotlight as a kind-hearted Igor.
7/10 ⭐️ Victor Frankenstein is an interesting fresh take on a classic story. It educates us on the man who created the monster and is a fun ride filled with excitiment in every corner.
 “Victor Frankenstein” opens on November 25 in (Phils.) cinemas from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.