Dru Chen lets his guard down with smooth R&B ballad ‘Eiffel Tower’

Listen to ‘Eiffel Tower’ here

Friday, 21 May 2021 — Singapore-based singer/songwriter Dru Chen delivers a fantastic R&B jam in the form of “Eiffel Tower”—a romantic ballad that conjures romantic imagery of Paris, France with its idyllic coffee shops & dreamy fashion.

Penned by by Joel Tan of Gentle Bones and Dru Chen, and solely produced by Dru, “Eiffel Tower” aims to transport its audience to its namesake and impart that high, giddy feeling you get when experiencing happy moments with a loved one. For what it’s worth, Dru Chen’s latest track explores relationships, displays the “intimacy of a lifetime of human connection”. It is about discovering the world through new lenses and constantly pushing one another to be better.

According to the Australian singer-songwriter based in Singapore, “Eiffel Tower” is about risking one’s heart on the line for something which is never quite guaranteed. “It was written during a time of intense vulnerability, when life and love went through tumultuous ups and downs,” Dru tells in a statement.

Starting off slow and steady, the verses are quiet and intimate, a contrast to the bustling, explosive chorus that makes us feel like we’re in celebration of love, the song speaks straight to the heart – encouraging us to let down our guard and let a lover or, l’amoreux, into our lives.

The song opens with the hook, “It’s all because of your love” and is peppered throughout the rest of the song – in varying degrees of emotion and melody. We also hear a satisfying electric guitar riff in the bridge, representing a culmination of the R&B-laden track’s wonder and whimsy in this warm feeling we call love.

“Eiffel Tower” inspires audiences to help each other pursue their dreams instead of tearing them down, showing maturity in the context of lyrical and production approach. “We can choose to come out stronger, more invigorated, and more alive than ever,” Dru observes, “That is the ultimate human experience.”

Dru Chen’s “Eiffel Tower” is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide via Yung Lee Records.