Movie Review: Get Emotional With ‘Inside Out’

In a time of sequels, remakes and reboots it’s very refreshing to have a movie based on an ingenious and original idea. It is also worth noting that that this story is one we could all relate in, no matter the age and gender and that is another criteria which makes Inside Out a movie every one should see!
Set inside the mind of an 11 year old girl, Inside Out features a team of emotions, Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness who govern Riley’s mind. From their headquarters the emotions also manage Riley’s memories, now I won’t get too technical in the details in how HQ works but it’s really all in a day’s work for the team of emotions who try to get Riley through every day. They face a real challenge when Riley’s family moves to a new city and as an 11 year old girl that could be really tough and as if that wasn’t hard enough, Joy who mostly manages the team becomes lost in Riley’s mind along with Sadness. Now they must make their way back before Riley makes a decision which could be the beginning of the end.
Everything about the movie was new, unexplored and undiscovered and yet it was all very relatable. Of course we have all felt the five emotions on our own so it’s fun to imagine a team of them operating in our head. Aside from the emotions, the story also tackles other details of how the mind works, such as memories, dreams, personality, and even explains LSS. It’s all very smart, adults will find it amusing, even psychiatrists and psychologists will have a hoot, of course the kids will enjoy it too 🙂
Watching the film was like therapy, it’s a fun way to understand how our emotions and mind works, how our feelings help us in life, that it’s okay to be angry, to be afraid, to be disgusted and to be sad. It’s not all about being happy all the time, all the emotions are important and I love that the film showcases the importance of the emotions working as a team, it sort of reminded me of how me and my team in the office work 🙂
Of course a good Disney-Pixar movie is one that will make you cry and boy-did Inside Out bring in the waterworks, good thing I had a hankerchief when I watched it! It’s the kind of crying in your movie seat that can only be caused by a good Disney-Pixar film.
There is a moment in the film where they captured that sigh of relief, happiness that we let out after a good cry. It was less than a second but for me it was capturing something that I have felt, that I have done and that was another ingredient that made Inside Out so magical.
It really is one of those movies that people will be talking about for years to come, it’s innovative yet relatable and of course still hilarious and heart warming. The human mind is a complex thing and the fact that they were able to visualize it and make it come alive in such a fun and colorful way, that’s easy to understand just makes you want to keep on seeing the movie over and over again.
10/10 it’s a movie you must see with family and friends!
Inside Out is in cinemas now from Walt Disney Studios.