My Top 10 Movies of 2015

Movie Time! Used my movie passes to screenings plus Popcorn! Pretzel and Marshmallows for this photo. Hey gotta have yummy snacks while watching a movie right?!I keep all my passes in a special box. I love going through them from time to time.
In the middle of 2015, one of the best things happened to me. I was suddenly swept in the beautiful and exciting world of getting to promote and review movies through the the blog. I found myself in the company of passionate and hardworking cinephiles and movie bloggers who live and breathe films.
It was (and still is,) very intimidating. As I am writing this, most of my movie blogger colleagues have already come up with their Top 10 Movies of 2015, days ago! While little old me is just starting.
Trust me, it was only work and being physically incapable (I have just recently been healed of a nasty flu) that has kept me from working on this list. Not to mention, the grueling holidays and working on those said holidays. (See below for a detailed run-down of my flu & work filled ‘holidays’) 
December 24 – SICK (still spent Christmas with family)
December 25 – SICK (still spent Christmas with family)
December 26 – Wedding Coverage + Tricot Show (still sick)
December 30 – Holiday for most but WORK for me.
December 31 – Holiday for most but WORK for me.
It’s the early morning of January 2, 2016, (I spent the first day of the new year sleeping and eating, which is not a good start of the year for my waist line) and I am now only just writing my first ever Top 10 Movies of the Year post.
I know that I still have a long way to go in this ‘reviewing movies’ business but I also know that I will definitely have a lot of opportunities to grow and become a better critic, with the many amazing movies coming out in 2016. Plus, being around hard working cinephiles and my Tito David (who I look up to), though we only see each other up to three times a year, we always find ourselves in intense conversations about the latest movies we’ve seen or current TV shows we’re watching. And yes-in case you’re wondering he is that Palanca Award winner, David Hontiveros. I know I don’t have much ‘street cred’ as him in writing movie reviews but I have every intention of being a full-fledged and credible movie critic. One that my Uncle would be proud of (Hey! That’s my Niece!) 
Yes, 2016 movies I’m looking at you! All you gloriously promising movies that make me physically shudder every time I think of all of you…but before I get lost in anticipation for 2016, let me take you on a quick review of the year that was in movies.
Here’s my Top 10 Movies of 2015! 
1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Okay. Okay. I know this one is super biased since I have so many emotional ties to the movie. Growing up with Luke and Darth Vader being household names, the Star Wars Christmas Soundtrack (yes, there is such a thing with C3-P0 singing Christmas songs) was a staple every Christmas lunch. What with it being a favorite of my Dad, who sadly passed away when I was 10 and didn’t get to see his favorite return in all it’s glory. But isn’t that one of the magic and powers of movies? It makes you into an emotional wreck, and for a couple of hours you are lost in a whole new world. A highly anticipated movie, which was worth ALL THE HYPE! And has now new generations of fans following it’s story. The Force has awakened, the future is secure.
For a full review click here.
2. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 
Based on the 60’s TV show, of the same name. Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ is a colorful, hilarious and stylish fun filled ride from start to finish.
Did I mention there are gorgeous eye-candies worth drooling over?
Movie Review here.
3. The Walk
A cinematic experience you shouldn’t miss out, based on an incredible true story, no less.
Plus Robert Zemeckis and Joseph Gordon Levitt! What more can you ask for?!
Movie Review here.
4. The Martian
Read the book. Loved the book. Loved the movie.
Book Review here. Movie Review here.
5. Jurassic World 
I was one of those kids who grew up, having the irrational fear of a T-Rex eating through the roof a Comfort Room, exposing a helpless you while you’re answering Natures Call. ‘When you gotta go. You gotta go.’ Watching the original Jurassic Park trilogy growing up, made the follow-up Jurassic World, a must see. Good thing it had all those good old feels and a whole lot of new bad ass dinosaurs. A theme park with live, genetically modified dinosaurs will never be on the bucket list.
Movie Review here.

6. Me Earl & the Dying Girl 
Wasn’t able to finish the book, but the movie is the glorious Indie movie you hoped it would be-and more. Would take this over ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ any day.
Movie Review here.
7. Ant-Man
What?! Ant-Man is in your list but not Avengers: Age Of Ultron?! 
-Yes. It’s my list anyways. I’d choose a heart-felt, hilarious and unique origin story any day than an ansemble movie. I still feel guilty whenever I have to dispatch a number of ants, for whatever reason.
Damn you ANThony!
Movie Review here.
8. Bridge of Spies
I love history and a movie based on an amazing true story during The Cold War and directed by Steven Spielberg and starred in by Tom Hanks…Need I say more?!
Movie Review here.
9. The Gift
I usually shy away from horror-thriller films but Joel Edgerton’s ‘The Gift’ will have you screaming
‘W T F?!’ even after you’ve seen the film.
Don’t let the cheesy title fool you, this movie will have you thinking, guessing and speculating long after you’ve left the cinema.
Movie Review here.
Thrilling sequences, a frightening look at the ‘War on Drugs’ and a surprising twist in the end. SICARIO is a terrifying movie, which plays on realities you wouldn’t want to think about.
Movie Review here.
Best Animated Film: Inside Out
One of my biggest regrets of 2015 was missing out on the ‘Inside Out’ Press Conference with creators, Ronnie del Carmen and Pete Docner. I think it was work schedule that prevented me from going. Will make sure not to miss out on events like that-this year! 
Regrets aside, I would have to give my Best Animated Film to ‘Inside Out’ 
Who would have thought that making a movie based on feelings and emotions would be such a hit?! And something that would be so relatable not only to kids but even adults as well. I’ve read stories that the film has been instrumental in teaching emotions to children with special needs. How awesome is that?! Full review here.
2015 has been my first year as a regular movie critic, I still have a long ways to go, seeing as I missed out on some must-see’s (Creed, Straight Outta Compton, Rogue Nation) among others, will probably wait on the DVD release. Whenever I go out on a movie screening, I have to make sure that I take extra vitamins, sleep early, wake up early, and rush to work after the movie. Then I have to write a review and make sure it gets on social media. It’s physically draining and tiring sometimes but it’s something that I love to do, despite the lack of monetary gain. I love doing it and I’m just grateful for the opportunity to do so. Hope you guys will join me for another year of movies and reviews! Woot!