Will You Swear Off – The Force Awakens Spoilers?

Back in 2005 I was the victim of a very bad ‘Spoiler’ incident, at the hands of my husband no less (we were not even dating then). I was reading The Half-Blood Prince (Book 6 of Harry Potter) when Paul, along with a good friend borrowed the book and placed a piece of paper in between the pages. When I got the book back, I unfolded the paper and this was written on it:
Snape kills Dumbledore. 
I was so furious, I remember screaming & wanting to pull my hair out, even now 10 years later I could say that it’s the worst thing that my husband has ever done to me.
Spoilers has become part of our everyday lives, especially now with Social Media being a landmine for spoilers. Now there are tons of memes wishing ill will and even death to anyone foolish enough to post spoilers online.
Now with the much awaited continuation to the Star Wars saga – The Force Awakens making it’s way to the Philippines December 17, 2015- day earlier than in other countries! This of course gives way to many potential spoilers making it’s way to the internet even before fans in other countries will get the chance to see the film.

 saw this petition going around for Star Wars fans to not post any spoilers for at least a week to give time for everyone to watch the movie.

I think that this is actually a good idea given that I myself know what it’s like to be the victim of being ‘spoiled’. I write reviews and blog posts for movies and TV shows on the blog and my social media accounts and I am careful to make sure that they’re spoiler free, just as a courtesy to fellow fanboys and fangirls. 
So now that we know that we all know that The Force Awakens will be shown earlier in the Philippines (yes, that information is accurate you can stop hyperventilating) will you join me in the fight against the Dark Side-errr-Spoilers? 
You will agree and share this post with your friends and loved ones. (That was a lame attempt at a Jedi mind trick-let me know if it works). 


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