Outside of the Ozine Festival: My One day affair with Cosplay

In my 25 years of existence if people would think about me the word ‘anime’ would probably be in the top 5 words about me. That would probably be okay now but back then people didn’t look on too kindly on Anime enthusiasts such as myself. Coming from an exclusive school for girls didn’t make things easy either.

Unlike in today’s society were ‘Otakus’ are considered ‘okay’ and Cosplay is also a normal sighting in malls-if not included in your bucket list, back in my day (Wow! I feel so old!) you would have been ostracized and persecuted if you even just mention the word Cosplay.
Graduating from High School and going into College I never lost my Otaku roots although I was not as up to date in Anime and J-pop happenings as I would have wanted to be. I was too preoccupied with my Nursing Education and other extra-curricular activites and believe it or not I did not have as much liberated access to the Internet as I do now. (Gasp! How could I have survived?!)
It was during this time that Cosplay seemed to have been getting an edge with the masses and (dare I say it) was even becoming popular. This could probably be contributed to the fact that being a geek or being an Otaku was already being openly accepted. After all blockbuster movies are already being made based on comics, stories and manga which you have probably secretly read to avoid judging eyes and sneers from others.
Another contribution of the continuing rise of cosplay is thanks to the Gosiengfao sisters Alodia and Ashley who made Cosplay look glamorous, girls wanted to be like them and guys wanted to be with them. Philippine Cosplay will not be complete if you will not mention their contribution and efforts to bring Cosplay to main stream.
When I was engaged last 2011 I wanted to be able to go on Cosplay-just once before I got married and I was lucky enough that our friends Yayi Garcia and Kaye Warm Rosales who were both Cosplay enthusiasts invited us to go to the Ozine Festival.

So plans were made and my then fiancee and I were off-me to cosplay as Serrah from Final Fantasy 13 and my husband to shoot photos. It was a very interesting experience going to the Ozine Festival from the graveyard shift this just meant that we had not slept yet and this just meant running low on batteries sooner than we would have wanted to.
It was all surreal to me- the posing and the photos. Running into fellow enthusiasts and Cosplayers it was really something and perhaps an angsty 16 year old me was smiling since I got to experience what it was like to go on and Cosplay even if it was just for one day.
I would really love to do it again-probably under the supervision and approval of my husband though.

Silent hill monster

Lady Gaga Cosplayer