Team Dudong Photoshoot

In our industry, nothing is permanent, change is always a good thing. Some may be good, some, may take some time getting used to, but one of the best changes is always a promotion. 
Which is why, everyone congratulated TL Dudong as he took the next step as the new Compliance Officer. Sadly, this means leaving his team behind. I think it’s just very sweet and timely that before he left to attend to his new duties and responsibilities the team was awarded as Best Team for November -what a beautiful going away gift right? 

The guys went a little wacky with their poses. 
These photos will surely be a simple reminder of happy times and a love once shared but will never, ever fade. Once the tarp is up-that’s a great reminder too! 
Congratulations Dudong and Team! 

More Photos Up in the Facebook Page!