Photo Credit Caden Huston

June 13th, 2024 – Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Devin Kennedy, a rising force in the music industry with hundreds of millions of streams and an average of 2 million monthly listeners, has released his highly anticipated album and its title track, ‘In My Imagination.’ Listen here:

“This album is about life’s beauty and tragedy. The stories we tell ourselves, and the profound longing for connection and love. ‘In My Imagination’ navigates through the dreams that sustain us and the realities that shape us,” says Kennedy.

Kennedy has been releasing singles leading up to the album, each showcasing his musical growth. His evolution is evident in ‘In My Imagination,’ a collection of stories he’s proud of and excited to share with his fans, reflecting his personal life experiences.

Meanwhile, the track delves into the lyrics, “I’m still reminiscing deep in my thoughts/ Wishing for something that never was,” speaking about romanticising a relationship. Kennedy elaborates, “This song is a confession of the heart’s ability to fall in love with an idea, a possibility. It’s for the romantics who find themselves sometimes loving in silence, crafting entire worlds in their minds where every detail is as they wish it to be, yet longing for that dream to become reality.”

Building on the momentum of his previous releases, Kennedy’s singles Falling For You,” “Annie,” “Eventually,” and Star Crossed” have received significant support from various streaming platforms. His music has secured placements in prominent playlists, including Spotify’s New Music Friday across Asia, TikTok’s New Music Alert, Vevo’s New Music Friday, and KKBOX’s New International Music. In addition to streaming success, his songs have also received rotation on top radio stations across Southeast Asia.

Kennedy is still expanding his presence in this region, with a strong listener base in countries like the  Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. His top 5 most streamed cities include Bangkok 🇹🇭, Jakarta 🇮🇩, Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾, Quezon City 🇵🇭, and Singapore 🇸🇬.

Devin Kennedy – “In My Imagination” (Official Audio)