Halloween Free Comic Book Day with the Kids!

SUPER late post! Sorry but we’ve been super busy with shoots and events but anyways better late than never right? 
This year’s Halloween Comic Book Fest was extra special for Paul and I since this time we had our nephew and nieces tag along with us. Of course the place to be was at Fully Booked in BGC. 
9 year old – Jillian, Paul’s goddaughter has been showing interest in reading, so we started giving her extra copies of our hauls from the past Free Comic Book Days – the ones for kids of course. 
Once Jillian had a comic book in her hands, you couldn’t disturb her anymore! She could even read while the car was moving, which of course is something that we told her not to do.
A few months ago, Jillian’s younger sister asked me for comic books and when I said that she could get them for Christmas, she asked to receive them earlier. So I thought why not bring the whole gand (consisting of  3 nieces and 1 nephew) to Halloween Comic Book Fest? 
It was perfect! There were less people during Halloween Comic Book Fest si we wouldn’t have a hard time looking after the kids. 
I remember during the previous Free Comic Book Fests that we’ve attended I would always admire the parents who would bring their children along to pass on the love of comic books but this time we had our own bunch of ‘next generation” comic book lovers. 
I would think that they were pretty much overwhelmed when they got to the table to choose their three free comic books. I had to urge for them to choose, I guess after the initial shock subsided they made their picks and were also equally happy to get freebies like balloons, snacks and candy – of course it’s not Halloween with out these treats right? 
The kids were able to see some cosplayers – they weren’t that many though since we arrived early, maybe next year we’;; come later so the kids could see more cosplayers. Hopefullly next year the kids won’t be shy about taking photos with the cosplayers. 🙂 
On the way home, Jillian couldn’t keep her eyes off the free comic books she got. Aside from that we all sang out loud to songs the kids loved that were in my iTunes such as “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” from Fall Out Boy (the kids know it because of Pitch Perfect 2. 
All in all it was a great way for us to bond with our pamangkins. I know that they enjoyed it just as much as we did!