Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 2: Ends in a Glorious Blaze

As the final chapter of the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series comes to a close; I can’t help but feel as if the end of an era has come to pass-and ladies and gentlemen, it does not disappoint.
From someone who has read the books, Mockingjay Part 2 was a well adapted movie. If you can re-watch Part 1 (or even yet the entire series), you really should. It will definitely help get your head “back in the game” (pun intended).
The movie opens with an injured Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) as she comes to terms with what the Capitol has done with Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). The rebel forces are making their move towards the Capitol and Katniss finds herself in the heart of the battle as she dangerously inches her way to killing the evil that is President Snow (Donald Sutherland).
Director Francis Lawerence pushes the envelope in the last movie as disturbing images and questions on morality are presented to the audience. Mockingjay Part 2 has become more than the Young Adult Dystopian, its predecessors initially were. It has become a reality check on the truth & cruelty of war. As I was watching the movie I was rather emotional, with my thoughts on the recent events in our world, which has left so many innocent lives lost and the seeds of hatred sown.
There were so many lines in the film that could fit in the context of the events in the news, I can’t help get goosebumps. I came to the realization that in war, it doesn’t matter whether it is in history books or in non-fiction books, in war, we all loose something, even the ‘victors’.
There are a lot of things to reflect on in the themes of the movie, but it doesn’t lack in the high-octane action and suspense (which the movies are well known for) as well. If you think that the challenges in the arena were disturbing-Katniss et al face even more frightening forces.
I love that the local distributors of the film (Pioneer /Viewer’s Choice Philippines) chose to align early promotions of the movie with our upcoming National Elections. I hope that the Political angles of the film would resonate to the viewers; especially to the youth, that they may become more active and more involved with political concerns, as well as take their social responsibility to heart.
Mockingjay Part 2 takes a closer look at the political themes of the story, it makes the audiences think and as I’ve written on the blog before, I appreciate movies  like that.
Early Promotions from Viewer’s Choice Philippines aligning Mockingjay Part 2 with the upcoming National Elections.
Looking back as to what I’ve written so far, I feel as if I’ve written an essay for class but I can’t help but have these thoughts and feelings. I just hope that somehow the viewers would not only see the movie as a form of entertainment but a film with relevant themes, resounding during these trying times.
Now, dear reader if you will oblige me to put on my ‘movie critic hat’ and continue I will be more than grateful.
9 out of 10 stars – Mockingjay Part 2 is a powerful culmination to the franchise. Sitting with the audience and watching the film, its like everyone already knew the characters, it’s like they were all old friends and just catching up. Well, if you’ve read the books and seen the films, you would in a way be old friends with these characters. You could hear the audience laugh and giggle, whenever the most awkward love triangle in history (Katniss, Peeta and Gale) would get in close proximity.

Of course we all know that Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away without finishing all of his scenes for Mockingjay Part 2. My fellow movie reviewer friend and I were talking to each other, trying to make out scenes were images of the late actor were just super-imposed. Will definitely miss this talented actor 🙁
I have to say that I was a little disappointed that Game Of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie just had a small part and had little screen time in the film. Although, I enjoyed seeing her tower over everyone else in the room 😛
For a franchise that I religiously followed, reading one book after the next and seeing one movie after the other, eagerly anticipating for the next, I can’t believe that it has come to an end, it’s bittersweet really but my only consolation is that it was ended really well, everything comes full circle and as a fan, you can’t really ask for anything else.
Mockingjay Part 2 is now showing in cinemas and is distributed by Pioneer Films.