Kevin & Aimee

Aimee and I go way back in College. So we were really happy to have been asked to do an engagement and family shoot for Aimee, Kevin and Naomi, our Godaughter.

Naomi has always been very smart and at four years old, she’s very talkative and inquisitive (in straight English, mind you) and is obsessed with Zombies, Ninang Ica could not be more proud 🙂 
We took the lovely family up a hill inside our subdivision. It was a beautiful afternoon and despite almost running out of sunlight we were still able to take lots of photos!

Kudos to Kevin & Aimee’s team of make up artists, assistants and to Kevin’s mom for helping out, they had props ready and this made the shoot so much easier 🙂 
We love the photos and can’t wait for December – for the wedding!

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